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The Original Green Pest Control Company in Dallas
A lot of companies type up a list of green pest control services to make them sound good. But Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control is an industry trendsetter. Our green and natural based pest control programs have been used by thousands of metroplex residents since the late 1980's when "Earth Day" and "go organic" became National trends. Take for instance our "Wall and Void Treatment", our Less Toxic treatment for customers who are chemically sensitive or don't want messy sticky chemicals sprayed inside their home or business. We were the first pest company in the metroplex to offer this type of "non-baseboard" service. But our emphasis has always been on safety. Safety for our customers and safety for the environment. Safety and effectiveness are what our reputation is built on.

Green Pest Control Inspired By Area Doctors and Environmental Groups
Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control's green and natural pest control programs were originally developed in response to "CAPM", (Citizens Against Pesticide Misuse) and later with Dr. William Rea a renowned Dallas Doctor specializing in MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Our green pest control programs have also been used in LEEDS Certified buildings and other building properties that sought out natural and organic pest control measures. Inspired by area environmental groups, Doctors, and concerned homeowners as well as building maintenance persons, Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control first introduced a "less toxic" program called "THE SAFER SOLUTION®" in 1989. "PESTICIDE FREE®" was later introduced as a means for excluding pests and eliminating pest populations indoors without using any pesticides. Due to changes in the Texas Structural Pest Control Service laws and regulations, we can no longer advertise our services as "organic", "natural", "safe", "environmentally friendly", etc. However, you can be assured that any of Dallas Fort Worth Pest Controls green and natural pest control solutions are all that and more.

Our Green and Natural Pest Control Services
If you are interested in a Green Pest Control Solution for your home or business, contact us for a FREE evaluation and estimate. We combine the latest technology such as tree oils, soil fungus, diatemaceous earth, natural pyrethrum, traps, insect growth regulators and others to customize our treatment specifically for your home or business. We can also develop a program for school districts that are required to comply with the Texas IPM in Schools law. Whatever your interest, we can develop a green pest control service for you!

We Have The Experience
Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control has worked to build a reputation that is unmatched by any pest company in the Metroplex. It is a leadership position within our own industry that simply places you our customer first. We'll do Whatever It Takes to keep you totally satisfied with us. That's our promise to you and to the environment.


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