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Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control is the official pest company of the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We're one of the oldest and the largest independent pest companies in North Texas that services both commercial and residential customers in both Dallas, Tarrant and surrounding counties.

Since 1969, the Dawson family has built a reputation for excellence in the pest control industry by providing a full range of pest and termite services. With one of the largest and best equipped service fleets in North Texas, and one of the most technologically advanced office systems around, Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control is here to serve you.

Our Services - A lot of companies type up a list of services to make them sound good. But Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control takes your family's and employees safety seriously, while providing extremely effective pest control treatments. Take for instance our Wall and Void Treatment. We were one of the first pest companies in the metroplex to offer this kind of "environment friendly" service. We were "Green" before "Green" was popular! The truth is that Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control is committed to providing the best pest and termite control service available. That means that we are constantly researching new and better ways to service your needs. But our emphasis has always been on safety. Safety for our customers and safety for the environment. Safety and effectiveness are what our reputation is built on.


Certified Applicators and ACE Entomologist on Staff - Its fairly easy to get into the pest control business. That's why there are over 1500 pest companies in the DFW Metroplex. But few companies can match our expertise. We employ more certified applicators and licensed technicians than most pest companies, and as one of the oldest and largest independents, Ron (RJ) Dawson, is an ACE Certified Entomologist with over 40 years of experience. So however big or tough the problem is, DFW Pest Control can handle it. From basic pest control all the way to structural fumigations, we have the expertise, the contacts and the Academic ability to take it on.

Whatever It Takes - Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control has worked to build a reputation for providing timely and excellent service, and for standing behind our services with a complete money back guarantee. Through ePestsupply, we also train pest control technicians and company owners and provide a complete chemical and product distribution division. It is a leadership position within the pest control industry that simply places you our customer first. We'll do Whatever It Takes to keep you totally satisfied with us. That's our promise to you.

Who Is Coming To My House? - At Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control we take your personal security seriously. We work hard to maintain a drug-free workplace and want you to feel secure with the people we send into your home. Click the WorkerCheck icon to see a picture of the person we will be sending to your home. You can also verify their background check and drug test.


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