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Security and Privacy Policy
BBB Online  

At dfwpest.com, we respect our customer's and take a number of critical steps to ensure user-privacy and safe transactions.

To find out how you and your private information are protected on our web site, please select from
the list below:

BBB Online
Secure Shopping
Privacy Policy

BBB Online

Dfwpest.com has been a long standing member of the Better Business Bureau and the BBB Online Reliability Program.  We respect our customers and take every precaution to ensure them a safe shopping experience and complete peace of mind when conducting transactions over the internet.

Secure Shopping

Shop safely, securely, and with confidence at dfwpest.com. We use the latest in encryption technology and secure commerce servers through to safeguard the processes we use to authorize your payment information. For your convenience, you can also choose the secure payment method you prefer:

1. Convenient and secure credit card payment on our web site. We use a real time credit card verification system to authorize your credit and debit card transactions. This method uses Secure Socket Layers and 128-bit security to make your transactions safer to perform at dfwpest.com than at your local grocery store.

2. Credit card payment by phone.
First, use the dfwpest.com site as you normally would, until you reach the checkout page.
At the checkout page, instead of the "Secure Credit Card" option you can call us and give your order to a member of our customer service staff over the phone, along with your credit card information. Simply call us at 214-349-2847.

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Privacy Policy

Dfwpest.com is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. We use this information to process your orders and personalize your website experience. Because it is important to us that your personal information remains secure, we have created a Privacy Policy for your protection. If you have other questions about privacy on our site, we'd be glad to help. Please call us at 214-349-2847 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What information does dfwpest.com collect from me, and how is it used?
How does dfwpest.com gather my information?
With whom does dfwpest.com share my information?
What can I do to change my personal information on dfwpest.com's site?
What are my choices regarding collection and use of my information?
What is dfwpest.com's policy to protect children's privacy?
How will I know if dfwpest.com makes changes to the privacy policy?

What information does dfwpest.com collect from me, and how is it used?

Personal Information
Information that is specific to you and could identify you personally is considered "personal information." Your name, credit card number, shipping address, telephone number, and e-mail address are examples of this type of information. When you order from our site, register with us, give us feedback, complete surveys, etc., you provide us with the personal information we need to serve you. We safeguard this information and only use it to satisfy orders and give you more personalized service.

Non-Personal Information
Details that cannot, by themselves, identify a specific individual are "non-personal" information. We collect, compile, and use this type of information to help us tailor our site to our customer's needs. Non-personal details might include records of site traffic and purchase statistics. Using these facts, we can better decide which products and services to offer.

How does dfwpest.com gather my information?

The Information You Provide
Your personal information is collected when you complete orders or fill out other forms on our site. For any form you complete, we clearly indicate which fields (sections of information) are required. In order for the form to do what it is designed to do, you need to provide at least the required information.

We collect all personal information directly from you in this way so that you know exactly what identifying information you are entrusting to us. Some non-personal information, such as zip codes and other demographic information, is also collected from forms you complete.

Simply put, a cookie is a small data text-file that remains on your hard drive and helps a web site remember limited details about you (e.g. your first name, browser type, and saved shopping cart contents). With cookies we gather limited information that can make it easier for you to navigate and use our site.

Because of cookies, we can welcome you back to our site, customize your shopping experience, allow you retrieve an earlier shopping cart, and give you a smoother visit to our site.

If you choose, you can refuse to receive cookies by deselecting that option from your browser settings. Doing so may make navigating our site more difficult, but you will still be able to browse dfwpest.com.

With whom does dfwpest.com share my information?

Personal Information
We safeguard the information you give us and only use it to process your orders, notify you of order status, and inform you of special offers that may interest you. We release such information only as necessary to fulfill your requests. For example, to process your orders, we must release credit card information to the card-issuing bank so the bank can clear the transaction; to ensure that you will receive the items you purchase, we must also release your name and shipping address to the delivery company that brings you your order or in some cases the distributor who fulfills the order. Situations like these--which require us to share your information in order to complete a transaction with you are the only times when your identifying information is shared.

We do NOT sell, rent, or trade this information with anyone!

In order to comply with court orders, law enforcement investigations, or other legal/judicial proceedings, dfwpest.com may release personal information to appropriate government officials. It is our policy to cooperate completely with law enforcement. Also, we may release information we believe is reasonably needed to protect the rights, safety, or property of dfwpest.com, our customers, or others.

Non-personal Information
At dfwpest.com, we track non-personal information for statistical and demographic purposes, in an effort to tailor the site for our customer's convenience. This non-personal information is not traced back to individual site users and may be shared with reputable third parties on a limited basis. To preserve your utmost privacy, we NEVER trade, rent, or sell any information that could be used to identify you individually, and we never will.

What can I do to change my personal information on dfwpest.com's site?

If you wish, you may have your personal account information changed or removed from dfwpest.com's system. Simply call or e-mail to notify us. However, because we must keep accurate records, we cannot remove information relating to your past services or transactions.

What are my choices regarding the collection and use of my information?

Surveys and Other Feedback
From time to time, you may be asked to give feedback about your dfwpest.com browsing experience. We use what you tell us to improve our service and offer you more of the products you want. However, if you do not want to provide us with this information, you may simply decline to respond.

Personal Notification
When you make a purchase you complete an on-line registration form and provide your e-mail address to us. To keep you informed about new products and special offers that may interest you, dfwpest.com may occasionally send newsletters or other product information to this address.

If you are currently receiving promotional e-mail messages from dfwpest.com and do not wish to continue, you may decline them by sending a blank e-mail to remove@dfwpest.com

If you send an email to remove@dfwpest.com that you do not want promotional e-mail, you will continue to receive e-mail involving customer service, such as messages that communicate your order status.

What is dfwpest.com's policy to protect children's privacy?

Users Should Be 18 Years or Older
dfwpest.com respects the privacy of minors and does not knowingly accept personal information from people under the age of 18. You must be at least 18 years old to have our permission to use this site.

How will I know if dfwpest.com makes changes to the privacy policy?

Policy Changes and Updates
We may make changes, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time. To keep you informed of any changes, we will post policy updates in this document. Our privacy policy is always available to read, and we encourage you to check back for updates.

This policy was last changed on May 12, 2009.


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